Episode 15: Rank Higher in Search Results by Learning from Your Competitors

A competitor is not only considered competition but can be used as a model for your growth. In this episode, we talked about 7 ways that you can learn from your competitors and increase your visibility online.

What was discussed?

  • Quote for the day, “Enjoy the little things.”
  • How can you learn from your competition?
    • Check out their website content
    • Look at their keywords that they are ranking for (use a tool like SEMRush)
    • Review the site design
    • Look at the website functionality
    • Check the banklink profile using something like ahrefs
    • Look at their citations and see where they are listed
    • Follow them on social media to see how they engage with their audience.
  • The content on a website effects the user’s experience.
  • Look at specific features that their website has and if appropriate, consider implementing them.
Episode 15 Motivation

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