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Let’s face it. You are here for one reason.
You have a problem, and you want that problem solved.

Tyson Downs and his team are quickly building a reputation in the in the marketing realm for getting big results for dentists, doctors and other healthcare providers. If you’re experiencing any of the problems below, 1) have the budget to fix them, and 2) Are willing to do what it takes to fix them, then contact us today.


I'm a dentist and my website stinks, how can I fix it?
Do I really need a website?
How do I choose a website designer?
I'm not getting any results from SEO, how can I fix it?
Why don't I show up in local search results?
How can i improve where I show up in the search results?
How can I get more incoming patients to my practice with the Internet?
What do I need to know before I buy a website?
How do I know if I need a new website?
I'm a doctor, how can I get better Search Engine Rankings?
What do I do to get started with local SEO? Do I even need it?
How do I know if my website is good or bad?
How can I get my website to get me more patients?
I don't know how to get started in social media?
Is there anything I need to know before starting a Local SEO project?
How much does SEO cost? How long does SEO take to show results?

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