About Titan Web Agency

About Titan Web Agency

Dentists, Doctors, and other healthcare professionals do business differently. They have different needs, different challenges, and different goals. That's one of the lessons I've learned in working with healthcare professionals over the years. And that's when I realized that in the competitive world of digital marketing, dental SEOwebsites for dentists, and doctors, etc. medical professionals need someone to go to bat for them.

Problems We Solve

I'm a dentist and my website stinks, how can I fix it?
Do I really need a website?
How do I choose a website designer?
I'm not getting any results from SEO, how can I fix it?
Why don't I show up in local search results?
How can i improve where I show up in the search results?
How can I get more incoming patients to my practice with the Internet?
What do I need to know before I buy a website?
How do I know if I need a new website?
I'm a doctor, how can I get better Search Engine Rankings?
What do I do to get started with local SEO? Do I even need it?
How do I know if my website is good or bad?
How can I get my website to get me more patients?
I don't know how to get started in social media?
Is there anything I need to know before starting a Local SEO project?
How much does SEO cost? How long does SEO take to show results?

Healthcare Marketing Specialists

The difference between a good dentist and a bad dentist: their commitment to excellence. It's their passion, skill, and determination, small business owners are determined to knock down every obstacle almost entirely on their own. My goal at Titan Web Agency is to provide the best, highest quality services available. From dental websites to dental SEO. From websites for doctors to doctor SEO. No matter what the service, the goal is the same, to help you build your brand and to dominate your local market.

To level the playing field so your business can compete. To build profitable practices through effective, up to date strategies. In short, to help our clients to Achieve Greatness.


Our Mission

Titan Web Agency's mission is to see the doctors we work with reach their full potential. The problem we see most often is they try to do it all: pursue their passion, run their practice, and try to maneuver the nonstop world of digital marketing. Rather than having to keep up with the unpredictable yet vital trends in online marketing, healthcare professionals should be able to focus on their passion, and patient care, and not having to keep up with Google's ever changing algorithm. As a dedicated Doctor & Dental SEO firm in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer the best of both worlds availability and ingenuity. We strive to be the best, most reliable agency for healthcare practitioners, and we apply this mindset every day.

Core Goals

  • Properly Portray Our Clients Brand Online
  • Increase Our Clients Online Presence
  • Dramatically Increase Phone Calls & Incoming Leads
  • Increase Revenues & Profitability
  • Take Our Clients to the Next Level; to Achieve Greatness

We're not the online marketing agency that supposedly specializes in all businesses. We don't work with all industries, we don't work with all business types, and as a result, we are able to focus on local SEO for doctors and their needs inside and out. We eat, sleep, breath healthcare marketing. We believe that by pursuing our passion, we can make it easier for you to pursue yours. Let us help you become a titan of your industry today. We'll help you Achieve Greatness.