Episode 80: What is the secret to getting more patients to leaving positive reviews?

Episode 80: What is the secret to getting more patients to leaving positive reviews?


What was discussed?

Quote of the Day: “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.”

Have a place for people to leave reviews:

Claim and optimize your online profiles – if you need help on this, check out our blog post for more information! Some of the best websites for people to leave reviews are: Google My Business, Yelp, Yellowpages, and Healthgrades. You need to head to those websites and set up your profile on those websites.

Manage your online reviews:

You can monitor your reviews by setting up Google Alerts. When your practice is mentioned online, you’ll get an email that lets you know when and where so that you can respond to it if needed. You can also use tools like Grade.Us and BrightLocal that search the internet for places where you’ve received reviews and will alert you by email. Responding to reviews will show that you’re proactive, care about your patients, and that you continue to care for them even after they’ve left the office.

Tell people where & how to leave a review:

Create a page that will walk your visitors through the process of leaving a review as well as a list of all the different places that they can leave a review. Include links to your Google My Business page and the other sites that they can review your practice on. If you’d like an example, be sure to check out Grade.Us/TitanWeb!

Share the positive reviews:

Sharing those reviews in social media, in your email newsletter, and in physical newsletters will lend credibility to your practice and will encourage other patients to go and leave reviews. It helps create a paper trail of all of the positive experiences that visitors have had at your practice and will help to build your brand! For more information on how to encourage people to leave reviews, check out our blog post.

Ask for & listen to the feedback:

This will show that you truly want to do what’s right and what’s in the best interest of your patients. It’ll help to guide you in making your practice the best that it can be. Bad reviews will inevitably happen, but what matters is how you handle the bad review. Acknowledge and address the review head on. Don’t blame the patient, don’t say that they’re lying or that the review is inaccurate. Always remain professional and sincere and just own it. Don’t try to avoid accepting responsibility. Make a recommendation that they call you so that you can try and resolve their experience or find another way to turn their experience around.

If you do these five different things, you’ll start generating more reviews for your practice. Positive reviews equals more new patients! Here’s a full list of all the websites mentioned in today’s podcast: Google+ Google Alerts Yelp Yellowpages Healthgrades Grade.Us Grade.Us/TitanWeb BrightLocal Google My Business How A Drug Rehab Center Can Encourage Online Reviews In 5 Simple Steps Citation Building 101: Claiming Your Business Directory Listings

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