Episode 75: How Can You Find Time to Build & Maintain a Blog?

Episode 75: How Can You Find Time to Build & Maintain a Blog?


What was discussed?

Motivation: “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” - George Addair

    Make it a Priority:

     Whatever your priorities are, you want to add blogging to that list. Blogging will help you grow your audience. It will improve your search engine results and will improve your visitor’s experience of the site. They’ll be able to get an idea for what you know and what you’re doing.

    Create Attainable Goals:

     An attainable goal could be something along the lines of writing at least 2 blogs a week for the first 6 months of the year. Goals can help you achieve and accomplish something that you really want, as long as you put effort into it. Studies show that blogging consistently brings in more leads than websites without blogs.

    Get Organized:

     Create a template that you’ll use for blogging. It should have an outline of what you’ll discuss in the post, a summary, a couple bullet points, and some images. Templates make it much easier to plan out your post. Along with that, create a content calendar. Add your posts to the calendar and what topics you’re writing on. When they’re visible on a calendar, you have an idea of where you’re headed which will make the task easier to handle.

    Brainstorm Ahead:

     Brainstorm ideas ahead of time. Have ideas for around 6 months out already in your content calendar. If you were to plan out your ideas for 6 months down the road (2 posts a week), it’d take around 2 hours – which isn’t that long!

    Blog About Your Interests:

     Let your passion show through. Blogging about topics you enjoy or have an interest in will come through in your writing and will do a better job at engaging your audience.

    Cut Time Elsewhere:

     Try cutting 30 minutes off of another task. See if there are tasks that could be handled by an assistant or someone more appropriate in your business. Dedicate those 30 minutes to blogging.

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