Episode 64: Should You Hire an Online Marketing Company or Do it Yourself

Episode 64: Should You Hire an Online Marketing Company or Do it Yourself


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Quote of the Day: “Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James

Should you do your own online marketing, or hire someone to do it for you?

Here are some common questions that will help you to determine which route to take: 50 Hours to Learn the Basics: Are you willing to spend 50 hours minimum (200-300 hours preferably) to learn the basics of SEO and online marketing? Comprehensive SEO Campaign: Are you willing to put together a comprehensive SEO campaign and follow it? 1000 Words Every Week: Are you willing to write at least 1000 words weekly, optimize those words, and then publish them in a blog post form? Industry Trends: Are you willing to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to reading up on industry trends? Review of Local Citations: Are you willing to go through your local citations (monthly at minimum) to ensure that they’re correct? Relationship Building: Are you willing to build relationships with other websites? Content Creation: Are you willing to commit at least 10 hours per week to creating original content? Hiring: Are you willing to outsource for the content that you can’t produce yourself (such as videos and graphics)? Editing: Are you willing to edit and proofread the content that others have produced for you? Review of Google Analytics & Reports: Are you willing to spend at least 10 hours per month reviewing your Google Analytics and Google Search Console Reports? These reports provide a lot of valuable information such as where your traffic is coming from, what pages they’re landing on, if they’re visiting other pages, the clickthrough rate for those queries, etc. Implement Changes after Review: Are you willing to implement new changes to your SEO campaign after reviewing the information provided by your reports? Results vs. Expectations: Are you humble enough to admit when the results you’ve received did not line up with the expectations you had? Be sure to consider the cost vs. the reward when you are deciding whether you’d like to do your own online marketing and SEO or if you’d like to hire an agency to help.
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