Episode 63: Have You Been Ripped Off? 7 Signs Your SEO Company is No Good.

Episode 63: Have You Been Ripped Off? 7 Signs Your SEO Company is No Good.


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Quote of the Day: “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro Here are 7 Signs That Your SEO Company Is No Good: Meaningless Reports: The company provides reports that are often filled with useless information or complicated speech that is meant to deter you. The reports you receive should be easy to understand and should include useful and valuable information. Rankings That Don’t Matter: They tell you that you are ranking high for highly specific searches that don’t matter to you and that this is a good thing. They should be concerned with improving your rankings for searches that matter to you or are in line with your goals. Measurable Results: They aren’t giving you any measurable results that you can see. You need to ensure that the money you are putting in is going to end up in an increase in business, not just rankings. Irregular Contact: They aren’t contacting you on a regular basis and any correspondence is few and far between. The company should be contacting you regularly, preferably around 2-5 times a month (aside from the monthly report). Rankings Suffer with Google Updates: Whenever Google releases an update, your rankings suffer and the company tells you that there was no way to foresee the loss in rank. This should not be a situation that you find yourself in each time Google releases an update. Not Challenging Unrealistic Expectations: The company lets you continue in your belief that your small investment will return the same results as someone who has invested much more for much longer. They should challenge any unrealistic expectations that you have and ideally, would provide you with alternatives to your current expectations. They Sell Link Packages: This is an outdated practice and isn’t how SEO works anymore. If they’re trying to sell you link packages, they aren’t up to date with the current practices surrounding SEO. Head to titanwebagency.com/seo for a free report on what you should expect from an SEO company and some crucial questions you should be asking before hiring an SEO company.
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