Episode 19: What is a Citation? Where do I get them?

Episode 19: What is a Citation? Where do I get them?

In this episode, Tyson talks about citations, what they are and why are they important for your business.

What was discussed?

  • Quote for the day is “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”
  • Citations are also called business directory listings, business listings, directory listings, etc.
  • Make sure that the Name, Address and Phone number of your business is accurate on each citations. This sends good signals to the search engines and helps you rank better.
  • Wrong citations or listings can send wrong information so search engines and may lower your rankings.
  • Citations are basically a listing of your business on the internet.
    • 2 types of Citations
      • Structured
      • Unstructured
    • Excellent quality citations sites for Healthcare Professionals includes Healthgrades, Realself ,Vitals and Zocdoc.
    • Always go for the higher quality, more valuable ones first, they can ‘move the needle’ more than others.
  • Want a report with your top 50 citations along with how you look and opportunities for new citations? Get it free by going here: http://info.titanwebagency.com/free-business-listing-report
  • Great reference tool to see how you stand is http://getlisted.org
Episode 19 Motivation

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