Content Marketing For Doctors


Content marketing for doctors? Yes. If your healthcare practice is serious about improving search engine rankings, increasing website traffic, and generating business, marketing with content is how you should be doing it. In the information age, this is how you build a strong brand and stay relevant in the digital space. That is, if you know how.

What is Content Marketing?

It is a smarter, more effective approach to Internet marketing. Instead of paying through the nose for potentially useless leads, content marketing employs the creation, optimization, and distribution of online blog articles, videos, and social media posts (and other types of information), to attract 'hot' prospects to your website.

People are tired of being sold to. Let's face it, people prefer useful information to a hard selling pitch. So do search engines. In fact, content marketing and search engine optimization go hand in hand, and the likes of Google and Bing reward businesses that put out quality pages consistently - with high SERP rankings and traffic.

The more high-quality pages you have, the better your chances of being found. Increased visibility and website hits aren't the only benefits, though. Marketing with content establishes trust, builds authority, and enhances brand awareness. By the time a visitor gets to your site, they are much more likely to convert from a visitor to a new patient.

Why Content Marketing for Healthcare Professionals?

Traditional marketing works, but folks are becoming increasingly immune. We disregard magazine ads. We flip channels during TV commercials. We hang up on telemarketers. That aside, print, broadcast, and direct marketing campaigns can be extremely costly - not ideal if you're a small practice with a modest budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is another option. It is effective in that it offers a targeted, controlled approach and can deliver immediate results. The problem with this method is that it requires a steady flow of cash and there are no guarantees. In general, it is a short-term solution that works best as part of a broader strategy.

Content marketing for dentists and other doctors trumps most advertising methods. Why? Because it is cheaper, it attracts unexpected business, it creates informed patients, and it encourages virility. It also lays the groundwork for future marketing. It is a solid, long last healthcare marketing strategy  that will help you build your practice on a rock solid foundation. These are just some of the reasons. Overall, it delivers better return on investment (ROI).

Why a Professional Agency?

While content marketing can be incredibly effective at boosting website traffic and generating leads and conversions, it is an ongoing task that requires creativity, expertise, and practice, not to mention an investment of time. As a busy professional, your priority is almost certainly to treat patients rather than find them.

At Titan Web Agency, we specialize in SEO for doctors as well as content marketing for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, we are committed to helping you generate more business. With over track record of amazing results and satisfied clients in the industry, we take pride in our ability to do so and know just how to make your site work harder.

Forget learning copywriting, marketing, and search optimization. Leave that to us, so you can concentrate on your practice. You've got more important teeth to pull.

Content Marketing and SEO for Healthcare Professionals

What you can expect when we handle your online marketing campaigns:

  • Improved Rankings & Web Traffic
  • Increased Leads & Conversions
  • Brand Enhancement/Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Custom Campaigns

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