Episode 115: Developing & Improving Your Marketing, Part IV

Episode 115: Developing & Improving Your Marketing, Part IV


What was discussed?

Quote of the day: “Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” - Joseph Barbara

Many people might think that social media doesn’t work for them or doesn’t generate customers for them, which isn’t the right attitude to have. If you’re just posting in an attempt to sell, sell, sell and get people to buy your products, or your posts are bland and boring, or you post once and then don’t post again for months, it’s no surprise that your social media marketing isn’t successful.

Talk To Your Audience

Be sure that you’re talking to your audience, not just selling to them. Think about what you’d like to see if you were searching for a local dentist. Maybe you’d like to see a virtual tour, or you’d like to see how welcoming the office was, or how goofy the dentist was. On Episode 112, we talked about developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If you’re able to develop that USP and implement it on social media, your marketing campaign will be successful. It’s not because of the marketing medium itself, it’s because of how you’re doing it.

Choose Your Platforms

This depends on where most of your patients are. Generally, Facebook is one of the best platforms to be on. However, if you spend some time thinking about it, you might find that your patients pay attention to or are more responsive to different types of social media. For example, if you’re a dentist in Silicon Valley, maybe it’d be more beneficial for you to use LinkedIn as your number one platform. Positioning yourself where your potential or ideal patients are and creating content, being seen as an authority, and getting your USP out there is what’s going to get you patients.

Be Consistent

Make sure that you stick to your social media marketing for at least 6 months, ideally a year, just to see what you’re getting from it. You need to be consistently updating and consistently providing value. Value is extremely important in social media marketing. Don’t just put out statuses that say “Read our new blog post”, no one is going to want to read that and no one finds value in that. Give them a reason to click on that link.

Recruit Your Staff

A great way to do this is to recruit your staff into your marketing efforts. Have your staff tag your office and talk about some of the great stuff that you accomplish in your practice. Have them talk about their favorite patients or procedures (but always make sure this is done in a HIPAA compliant fashion). This will build up your presence a lot more if you have a team of people helping you do it.

Address Issues & Complaints

Patients might go to social media to complain or talk about an issue that they had at your practice and it’s important that you’re active on social media so that you can address these complaints. If you’re not on social media, you’d miss the opportunity to address the issue. If a lot of people are watching your page and your content and you decide to chew out the customer, people will see that. Alternatively, if you respond with empathy and do your best to take care of the patient, people will also see that and it’ll make you look good.

If you need assistance with implementing your social media strategy, be sure to contact us today so we can see if we're a good fit for each other.

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