Episode 111: 3 Things a Properly Optimized Landing Page Covers

Episode 111: 3 Things a Properly Optimized Landing Page Covers


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Quote of the day: “Step by step and the thing is done.” - Charles Atlas

In Google Ad campaigns or Facebook campaigns, you should be sending people to a landing page (and definitely not your homepage). If you haven’t already, check out Episode 61 that covers improving your Google Ads landing pages.

Here are three things your landing page should do:

1. Explains Who You Are

Let’s start with an example. Let’s say you’re searching for a house, and you click on an ad in Google. When you click on that ad, you want to know who you’re dealing with immediately, because you want to make sure you can trust them. Your Landing Page should accomplish this! You need to tell visitors who you are, what you value, and how you can help them.

2. Explains What You Do

Landing pages should be straightforward and should encourage visitors to submit a form or call your office to make an appointment. They should also provide visitors with useful and valuable information related to what they were initially searching for. For example, if you’re a plumber and you are sending people who are searching for “problem with a leaky faucet” or “how do I fix a leaky faucet” to a page that just has a list of services, that won’t be of use to them and they’ll probably leave your site. If you provide useful information for those people, you’ll have a much higher conversion rate.

3. Why You?

Tell the visitor what makes you unique, how you can help them, who you are, and what you’re about. Tell them about how awesome your service is, how the unique services you offer are going to help them and include testimonials! This is a spot for you to brag about your services and your office. Be proud and show them why they should choose you. This page should include your Unique Selling Proposition.

If you don’t have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), get one! If you’re confused about USPs or are having trouble coming up with one, check out our articles: Why Should Customers Buy From You? How Can A Dentist Develop A Unique Selling Proposition?

If you need assistance with creating an effective landing page, be sure to contact us today so we can see if we're a good fit for each other.

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