Episode 107: 5 Types of Social Media Posts You Can Use for Your Practice

Episode 107: 5 Types of Social Media Posts You Can Use for Your Practice


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Quote of the day: “Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

Social Media is a tool that a lot of people tend to struggle with. It’s difficult to figure out what kind of content to post, how often to post, and the best way to engage people. Here are five ways you can improve your Social Media content.

1. Interaction with Patients

Perhaps your office had a giveaway, someone’s birthday, or some kind of raffle that brought out some patients. Get your patients’ permission to take (and post) photos of them and post it on your Facebook page. Describe the event, show that you engage with your patients, and have fun at your practice.

2. Show Your Employees Having Fun

Show your employees being goofy or dressed up on Halloween. If you have a prankster in your office, going out to team building events, or volunteering, people want to see this! People want to go to a practice that they feel comfortable with in a fun office environment. Show them your team’s unique personality.

3. Post Employees or Doctors with Patients

You want people to see how you interact with your patients. Show photos of your employees engaging with patients and what it’ll look like for the potential patient viewing the photos. These are also really great if you can snap a photo of the doctors working too.

4. Post Your Celebrations

If you have a special occasion, a birthday, or holiday parties – this is the exact type of thing that’s exciting for social media. You’re more likely to get more shares and visibility when you post photos that others can relate to or picture themselves enjoying!

5. Post the Humble Brag

Has your office won an award recently? Did your team win some kind of certificate? Posts these on social media! Awards can help people see that maybe your office is a notch above the other options or doctors in the area. Make a post that says something along the lines of, “Thank you, patients in the area, who voted us the best Orthodontist in the state,” along with a photo of your award (and preferably your team with that award)!

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