Episode 92: 7 Qualities of Effective Websites

Episode 92: 7 Qualities of Effective Websites


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Quote of the day: “Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” – Joseph Barbara

1. An Effective Website Supports Your Brand & Looks Legit

When someone comes to your site, the website should look and feel professional. Your personal views on politics, religion, etc. should not be on the website. The font on the website should be easy to read and there should be proper grammar and no spelling mistakes. There are many other qualities that make up a professional website, but in general you’ll know when you see an unprofessional one versus a professional one.

2. Effective Websites Utilize Proper On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good website uses SEO from the very beginning. SEO is extremely important to website success and the success of your online presence. An important point to understand is that getting your website redesigned by a professional web designer does not include SEO. Web designers design the look and functionality of your site, they do not include SEO in their redesign which can seriously tank your search engine rankings after you’ve had a redesigned site. If you’re looking to redesign your site, be sure to hire a full service online marketing company (like Titan Web Agency) that understands the importance of SEO. New websites need to have SEO considered from the very beginning of the website redesign.

3. An Effective Website Integrates Social Media

You need to be involved in social media and have it linked to your website. It’s expected that you’ll be on social media and link it to your site. Go to where your prospective customers and patients are and make sure that you have profiles on the sites they frequent. Understand your customer’s persona and appeal to it.

4. An Effective Website Uses Professional & High Quality Images

Images should be unique to you that are high quality and not pixelated. They shouldn’t look like run of the mill graphics that you see on every other website. They should be unique to your practice and should give an insight into what to expect when a new patient arrives at your office.

5. An Effective Website Has an Intuitive Layout & Design

The methodology that we like to use at Titan Web Agency is “Don’t Make ‘Em Think”. If a visitor comes to the page and can’t figure out where your menu is, how to contact you, where to set up an appointment, or the services you offer – they’ll be frustrated and much more likely to leave your site in a huff. Solve this by having an intuitive design that guides people on where to go next.

6. An Effective Website Has Easy to Spot Contact Information

The information that you have on your site as far as your phone number and contact form should be front and center. You don’t want someone to have to search for your contact information. Make it easy for them to fill out a form to contact you. There should usually be a contact link on your homepage as well as a contact number.

7. An Effective Website is “Responsive”

When someone comes to your website from a mobile phone, your website should be optimized for mobile display. If your website is not a responsive website, it will appear scrunched up on a mobile phone and in some cases won’t display at all. Your website should look great across all displays, ranging anywhere from a 21 inch monitor to a 4 inch phone. This is even more important because Google will start factoring whether or not you have a responsive website into your search result rankings.

If you’re considering a new website, we have a report that we put together specifically for you! The report includes 10 common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid when doing a website (especially important when hiring a new designer) and other useful tips. You can find the report over at titanwebagency.com/website. Get Your Website & SEO Audit Now

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