Episode 58: Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Google AdWords

Episode 58: Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Google Ads

In this episode, Tyson discusses how he changed his mind regarding his views about Google Ads.

What was discussed?

  • The quote for the day is: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs
  • You shouldn’t rely soley on one form of marketing, including just Google Ads.
  • #1. Google Ads can attract clicks from people with no intention of buying. You are spending a budget on the so-called windows shoppers that simply have a look but don't intend to actually buy.
  • #2 People get numb to ads. How many times do you click on an ad? You see them on such a regular basis that you don't pay attention anymore.
  • #3 Paid ads only work on the search engine you're paying, Google, not on other platforms. You don't want to be in just one place, but in multiple places, so people can find you.
  • #4 People often think that you bought your way to the top of the page and this doesn't bring credibility to your business. They feel that you’re there not because you're good, but because you paid for it.
  • #5 It can be extremely expensive, especially if Ads is not set up properly by targeting the right people and optimizing the right ads.
  • #6 If you decide you want to do something different, you have no presence, you haven't built up any online real estate.
  • #6 You're not going to be able to reach into new markets. If you're not online, how will you expand your reach?
  • #7 Google can and will change the rules. You can't rely on somebody else's platform to grow your business.
Motivation Episode 58

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