Episode 37: 5 Ways You Can Hurt Your Local SEO Efforts

Episode 37: 5 Ways You Can Hurt Your Local SEO Efforts

Citations help you with your online presence and ranking online, in this episode, Tyson talks about some best practices when building citations for dentists, or any other healthcare professional, as well as some things they want to avoid.

What was discussed?

  • Quote for the day is “Whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” By Napoleon Hill
  • 5 Things that can hurt your citation building & local SEO efforts:
    • Not knowing what citations you have
    • Not using the correct information
    • Not filling out your profile completely
    • Not keeping records
    • Not consistently checking your citations
  • Get an idea where you are listed.
  • Use tools from BrightLocal or com/Local to know your citations.
  • Make sure that you use the correct information on your citations.
  • Citations should be consistent (Name/Address/Phone).
  • Fill out your profile completely. You really want to try and stand out.
  • Keep records of the things you have done including usernames, websites you’ve submitted to, and their status, etc.
  • Listings can change on their own, so be sure to keep at it.
Check this spreadsheet to help you record your citations.
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