Episode 31: How You Can Create Raving Fans for Your Practice

One of the most effective forms of marketing is referral marketing. How do you get your patients to give you referrals? By creating raving fans! In this episode, Tyson talks about the ways to create raving fans.

What was discussed?

  • Quote for the day is “Talent is God given, be humble. Fame is man given, be grateful. Conceit is self given, be careful.”
  • Ways to create raving fans:
    • Create a vision for your business and pursue it.
    • Make sure your vision aligns with your expectations and wants.
    • Give and then give some more.
  • Get raving fans thru excellent customer service, by going above and beyond.
  • Avoid bad raving fans (ones that complain about you) by treating your patients like gold.
  • Successful businesses create their own vision.
  • Social media is a great way to determine the likes and wants of your customers.

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