Episode 27: 7 Ways to Stand Out From The Competition

Episode 27: 7 Ways to Stand Out From The Competition

In this episode, Tyson talks about the 7 different ways to differentiate your practice and stand out from your competition and build a dominating healthcare practice.

What was discussed?

  • Quote for the day is “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.”
  • 7 ways to differentiate your practice:
    • Focus on customer service
    • Be organized
    • Continue your education
    • Upgrade your office
    • Follow up with inactive patients
    • Consider internal marketing
    • Increase your online presence
  • Give your customers the best experience they ever thought possible!
  • Make it convenient for your patients.
  • Educate yourself with new technologies and information you can offer to your patients to make their lives and experience better.
  • Improve your office experience and make it customer friendly.
  • Use internal marketing such as incentives and promo offers.
  • Build an awesome website to make your online presence stand out.
  • Guest blog, and blog on your own site and use local listings which can help you increase your presence.

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