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We help dentists and healthcare professionals get more patients from the Internet

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Our mission is to see the dentists and doctors we work with reach their full potential. The problem we see most often is they try to do it all: pursue their passion, run their practice, and try to maneuver the nonstop world of digital marketing. Rather than having to keep up with vital trends in online marketing, healthcare professionals should focus on their passion and patient care. That is where we come in. We are a dedicated healthcare and dental SEO firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our job is to get you patients so you can focus on your practice.

We strive to be the best, most reliable agency for healthcare practitioners, and we apply this mindset every day.

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One of Our Clients Amazing Results


A dental office was taking on a new partner. They were going through a rebranding that included a new logo, website, url, etc. They didn’t feel their existing dental marketing strategy was sufficient to support two dentists. They were not impressed with the results or pro activeness of their existing provider. They wanted a ‘partner’ and not simply a vendor.

Results: Within 3 months, the client had over a dozen page 1 rankings in an extremely competitive market. This was with a brand new website, and a brand new domain. The client now receives 50-70 incoming leads for new patients per month (which we track for them), a dramatic increase from their previous vendor. (Who, not surprisingly, did not provide any tracking of leads. I wonder why?)

How we did it:

  • Brandable, memorable logo
  • Website redesigned with user experience in mind
  • Obtained industry relevant business directory listings and press, & authoritative backlinks
  • Created a SEO friendly structure of the website, ensuring the search engines can easily read what the site is about, what our client does, where they do it, and what people are saying about them.
  • Created a review funnel so they could more than double their new patient reviews.

Are You Wanting More Qualified New Patients?

The biggest frustration with nearly every dentist we speak to is getting quality, and qualified patients. Chances are, you have at least a dozen dentists in a five mile proximity that are competing for those same patients.

Why You Aren't Getting the Patients You Want?

If you aren’t getting new patients in the door at the rate you need, then here’s what ends up happening:

  • You will lower your standards on who you take.

  • You'll start taking more insurance that doesn't pay well and is a big headache.

  • You'll be lenient on payment plans, and you'll end up getting stiffed.

  • You'll work more hours and retirement will be further and further down the road.

  • You won't be building a profitable practice that you want to fund your retirement.

How Do You Fix This?

You can fix this problem by properly positioning your business and talking to your ideal patient. You also need to get in front of more people online. How do you do that? With an improved online presence. In other words, you want to have a consistent brand message and be seen in more places, expanding your digital reach.

Grow Your Practice with Professionally Managed Local SEO for Dentists

You are probably here because you know your online presence could be improved. Maybe you are tired of another dentist in the area continually showing up above you in the search results. Maybe you are just starting out and have no online presence. Or perhaps, you’ve worked with another marketing company in the past, and you came away wondering what exactly they did (if anything)? We get it! With Titan Web Agency’s Local SEO services, we take your online presence to the next level. We work closely with you to understand your business so we know who your ideal patients are, what type of cases you want to get, and how to position your office as the go-to in the area. We use only Google friendly techniques to improve your SEO performance and report back to you the number of leads you are getting, how much traffic you are receiving (and the source of that traffic), rankings fluctuations, and more. We understand choosing somebody to partner with to market your business is a big decision, and we are here to help take that burden off your shoulders and let you focus on what you do best.

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One of Our Clients Amazing Results


Two major issues existed. First, the dentist was using a national company to market his dental practice, and was getting no discernable results. He didn’t know what, if anything they were doing, incoming leads weren’t tracked, and rankings for his main keywords were nowhere to be found.

The other half of the equation, was that he purchased this practice and was considering a rebrand, but wasn’t sure how that would impact his practice long term. And, he didn’t know how to go about it in the event that he decided to do it.

Results: The client now ranks in the top 3 for all his major keywords, and is getting 40-50 leads per month from the internet, a great contrast to his previous 5-10 before we started working together.

How we did it:

  • Rebranded his dental office
  • Created a new, easily recognizable new dental practice name
    • Website Coding for maximum search engine exposure
    • Competition analysis
    • Local Listing audit, and update with new information
    • Google My Business Page optimization & review funnel
  • Redesigned, SEO optimized website
  • Determined his ideal patients, and created text as appropriate for his website
  • Subscribed to a service to push out their local SEO information to the data aggregators.
  • Keyword analysis to determine what search terms were driving traffic and optimized the website for those search terms as appropriate.
  • Extensive competitor research to see what others in the market were doing to market their practices.
  • As usual, installed tracking and analytics software to measure results.