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Are Websites for Doctors Necessary?

Do You Really Need a Website?

I would think that at this day and age, it would be accepted that the more places you can be found the better. Well, evidently, there are many that still don't believe this. In the past week I've talked to two dentists who were stuck in their ways, and believed that they had to market using offline methods as it was most effective.

Listen to this blog post:

You see, I was having a conversation the other day with a business owner. He had owned a dental practice foryellow pages for doctors20 years. He mentioned that he previously used to advertise in the phonebook, and even though it was extremely expensive, it was worth it, he was getting calls every day from the phonebook. He noticed they started to taper off. So, he increased the size of his ad the next year, costing him dramatically more.

Fast forward to today. He advertising via the phonebook, and the occasional coupon book mailer. Business is still slow. I talked to him about a dental website, and let him know how many people searched each month online for his service (for him it was over 1000 in his area). He said, I had a dentist website before, it didn't do anything.

I asked where he got it, what kind of traffic he got to it, how much he promoted it, etc. His answer was: it was a $299 website from some guy he found online and didn't have contact with anymore. He didn't promote it because he thought all you needed to do was to be online. He didn't get business from it, so 'websites don't work'.

I gave it a shot or two to let him see the bigger picture, but he wouldn't have it. According to him, the phonebook is the way to advertise, the most effective, and he had become slow because of the recession. Websites for doctors was useless according to him.

I am a believer of the old saying: A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. I'll give it to you plain and simple.

If you aren't growing, you are losing market share.

If you aren't actively looking for ways to increase your presence (online & offline) you are losing market share.

If you aren't keeping up with technology and either consulting with a professional or hiring a professional, you are in for a long, hard road.

The internet isn't going away anytime soon. People are more addicted and reliant on their tablets, smartphones, and computers than ever before.Working Hard-1

If you think you don't need a website, or don't need to increase your presence, I challenge you to reconsider that. What company does NOT need more exposure? What company won't benefit from having more people aware of it's brand?

It's really quite simple, it is just a matter if you are going to take action and improve your presence, and grow your company. Good luck, and if you need help, contact me. Titan Web Agency specializes in building amazing doctor websites that help you and your practice get noticed. Get Online, and Get Found.

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Tyson Downs, the owner of Titan Web Agency, has years of experience working with small businesses and helping them meet their revenues goals. Prior to starting Titan Web Agency, he freelanced in SEO and Web Design while working in the corporate world. Tyson is a graduate of Brigham Young University, the father of 5, and a passionate bodybuilder.

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