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Why You Should Be Using Google Ads

Can Google Ads Really Help Me?

I always tell my clients that an effective marketing plan is a diverse marketing plan. I fully believe that every business owner should test Google Ads.

If you are completely new to online marketing, you may not know what Google Ads is. Google Ads is an ppc management utah, ppcadvertising program from Google that allows a business owner to immediately get on the first page of Google through ad buys. This form of advertising is focused on keywords and as a company you will benefit when somebody clicks on your ad and visits your website and then calls you for your services (or buy’s your services).

Many business owners contemplate whether or not Google Ads is effective and how it can help their company out. Google Ads combined with other marketing materials and advertisement can boost a company’s revenues and customer database.

Reason 1: Google Ads Can Be Measured

Google Ads is a great form of advertising because companies can actually measure their success. Through your account, you will be able to see exactly what is working for you and what is not working for your company. It is simple and convenient to assess whether or not your company’s campaign is generating revenue or guzzling it in.

Reason 2: Google Ads is Much Quicker than Traditional SEO

If you have ever worked on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you know it can take time to see any type of results from your SEO campaign. This can be frustrating, especially for business owners who want to see results right then and now. It isn’t uncommon for it to take 6+ months to see measurable results from SEO.

Google Ads works quickly and business owners will not be waiting around for months to see results. Clicks on your Google Ad campaigns are immediate and will also allow you to see which keywords are working instantly. This is also a booster for SEO because if your Google Ad links are generating a lot of clicks then an SEO keyword with the same focus will as well. .

Reason 3: You Can Remarket

Remarketing is beneficial to business owners and you can target people who have expressed interest in your product by specifically showing related Google Ads. You are able to track who has shown interest in your website through a cookie. Once the cookie is logged, your advertisement will follow them around and show up as advertisements for them to see.

This will help remind the person about what they were interested in and will also reestablish your name in the back of their mind.

Reason 4: You Can Customize Google Ads

Business owners are able to customize Google Ads to help make them more relevant to the keywords the company wants targeted. You can customize your Google Ads campaign to do the following:

  • Utilize ad extensions
  • Set keyword matches
  • Narrow down the audience
  • Set specific ads for certain keywords
  • Send specific ads to certain pages of your website

Reason 5: Google Ads Is Engaging

The advertisements used for Google Ads are more engaging than those that you would traditionally find elsewhere. Google has updated their advertisement layouts to draw in more attention, be engaging, and get clicks. This will help your advertising efforts and people will actually want to click on your ads.

Google Ads is great to use and many companies have had plenty of success using it. Your business should start using Google Ads to help increase your revenues. If you are interested in learning about businesses that have had success using Google Ads, read here.

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