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SEO Consultant or Large SEO Company. What’s Better for Your Practice

How do you know what is best when hiring somebody to market your business online?

On the surface, it might make sense to go with a large SEO firm. Well, in the case of large firms taking on small businesses as clients, the results are often that the small business gets lost in the shuffle of clients.

Further, larger-scaled geo-centric operations—for instance, a National SEO consultant versus a Salt Lake City SEO consultant—can often wind up overlooking important key details about a city's demographic that your competitors are picking up on. Let's look further into the issue.

Choosing the Best Dental SEO Company for Your Pratice

seo in salt lake city
The real heart of the matter rests within the ability for a Dental SEO consultant to match up perfectly with your business. For example, if you are running a multi-million dollar online store that is funded by large corporations, it may make sense to go with a big SEO consultant firm.

They can provide you the large scale operations since it is unlikely that you are going to be very hands on with your business's website. Essentially, they will run your operations, you won't ask questions, you won't have too much contact and you will pay through the nose for it. Of course, that's fine for many companies which is the reason these huge SEO firms stay in business.

But for small businesses, it just doesn't make sense to go with a big SEO company. For starters, small business entrepreneurs are often more hands-on with their business.

If you're running a private dental practice in Salt Lake City, you want to know that if you need a change made to your website or want to run a special coupon offer during your off-peak season, you can reach the person in charge of your website instantly..

Get the Personalized Service You Need to Succeed

That's because when you own your own business, it's not just your job that's at stake—it's your name, your reputation, your family's well-being and your career. Essentially, it's your life. And the last thing you want is for your livelihood to be in the hands of some unresponsive account handler that is ducking your calls when you need something done immediately.

Are you going to trust your brand, your ‘baby’ to somebody that gets paid $8 an hour, regardless of if your online visibility or search engine rankings improve or decline?

What you want—what you deserve—is a Dental SEO company that is going to be there when you need to reach them. You want human contact from a person that can take the time to understand your personal and business goals and then find ways to implement actions that get the desired results.

You want a SEO Pro that treats your business as if it was their own, because their livelihood depends on how well they treat their clients!

You want somebody that addresses all issues immediately the first time. You want somebody you can get a hold of via phone, via text, via skype, via email, etc.

Somebody that doesn’t duck and dodge when you when you are calling.

Learn What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Online Marketing Company

Somebody that takes ownership and helps you build a plan to get your business on the map!

And even more, a local SEO company that specializes in working with dentists, and other healthcare proessionals. We will be able to implement these search engine optimization solutions without breaking your bank.

Saving Money & Getting Increased Results with a Dentist SEO Consultant

And when you think about it, isn't that the point of increasing your online presence to draw in more business—to make more money? With a local SEO consultant, you can work together to draw up specialized plans that give you the SEO services that you need—nothing more and nothing less.

Why pay exorbitant amounts of money to a large firm that is overcharging and under-performing? I’ve seen these large SEO companies bundle their services so YOU don’t know what you are paying for or what you are getting.

You just pay them $x of dollars per month to do your marketing. Little do you know what is being performed. I’ve seen this time and time again here in our local market. Small practices paying ridiculous amounts of money to increase their online exposure, and unfortunately that exposure isn’t increasing.

In the end, the increase in payments you'll dish out with a larger dentist SEO company will cancel out any extra business (and in my experience, by and large those large companies aren’t bringing extra business for you) you draw in from your website's increase in performance.

That's just bad business all around. As a small business, you work within tight margins that the bigger corporations just don't have to work within themselves. Your staff and family depend on you making smart business decisions that maximize those margins.

That's why it's imperative that you match your business to an SEO for Dentists consultant that understands the world in which you live—smaller, local and just a little more personal.

To find out how SEO truly should be done, get in touch with me, right now. Don't go another day
letting your competitors beat you in the online searches, taking in qualified leads each and every day because THEY can be found, and you can't.

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Tyson Downs, the owner of Titan Web Agency, has years of experience working with small businesses and helping them meet their revenues goals. Prior to starting Titan Web Agency, he freelanced in SEO and Web Design while working in the corporate world. Tyson is a graduate of Brigham Young University, the father of 5, and a passionate bodybuilder.

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