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Here’s How A Dentist Can Leverage Reviews to Be a Success

Are you leveraging your reviews to be more successful?

If you are small business owner managing your dental online marketing needs, it can no doubt be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to learn and do. Dental SEO, local SEO for dentists, social media marketing, blogging, video marketing, press releases, and on and on and on. However one thing that many dentists don't think about is managing their reputation online. Managing your brand.

What is the reputation you have online? With the number of review websites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Insider Pages, Dex, Bing, etc. if you have poor reviews, it will become harder and harder to get people calling you based on what they read online.

Take this example: I need to find an orthodontist in Salt Lake City. So I go ahead and type in 'orthodontist Salt Lake City'. Here is what I see in Google:

Orthodontist South Jordan - Google Search 2014-05-06 14-50-15

First I see Horsely Orthodontics, which has a score of 5 and 13 reviews. This one looks good, so I'll check it out. I then scan thru the other map listings just to do my due diligence and I'll take a look at Payne Orthodontist, mainly because it stands out with the good reviews. Looks good. Finally I'll check out Johnson Elite Orthodontics, once again because my eyes are drawn to the stars and they really stand out. Plus they have a great review score. Now what do you think the chances of me either going to Elison Orthodontics with no reviews and no score, vs. Horsley Orthodontics with 13 awesome reviews is?

The chance of me going to Elison Orthodontics or Omana or Out of this World Dentistry or Douglas M. Anderson, DDS is slim to none. Why though? They are on the first page of Google right? They appear good. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with them. I want what is best for my family, so I am going to go to an orthodontist with a lot of positive reviews, that's just how it is. According to Grade.us 70% of people trust online reviews from people they don't know. They have the best scores from Google and the most reviews.

Getting Reviews

So, what can you do, as a dentist looking for more visibility online, to get more traffic? It is estimated that 80% of people look at reviews online before buying. So, your job is to get positive reviews posted across the internet on all sorts of review sites. Yes you do want to focus on My Business, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. Google is notorious for holding back positive reviews, and for letting reviews somehow disappear.

However, getting reviews is easier said than done. You can ask patients to give you reviews, but the unfortunate truth is that many simply won't do it if they aren't getting anything in return. They are too busy or they forget, or they can't be bothered. Let's discuss three ways that you can get your customers to leave you reviews.

1. Email

Begin building an email list of your clients. When they come in and fill out the paperwork, or when you are filling out a quote or invoice, ask for their email address and have them check a box that you can periodically email them information about their account, and that it will also be used so you can improve your customer experience. Once you have these email lists, follow up with your customers via email thanking them for their business, and asking them to leave a review.

Then, now this is very important, leave a link for multiple places to leave a review. Leave a link to your Google My Business page, as well as your Yelp page and your Insider Pages page. (You can leave more links, but keep it simple, and these 3 are some of the 'highest authority' sites. You want them to choose where to leave the review so it is as easy as possible on them. If they are leaving a review on Google they must have a Google (Gmail) account, so if they don't have a Google account, the Yelp or Insider Pages site will be easier. Specify this in the email.

2. Social Media

You can leverage the following you have on social media and get your clients to leave you reviews. The key to this is to promote your social media pages in your practice, in your newsletters, on your website, etc. Have you staff talk about it when they are checking somebody in. Once you have them on social media, be pleasant and engage with them. Communicate with your fans and interact with them. Bring them good, educational information, as well as some lighthearted humor as well. Just be sure to keep it professional. Then, occasionally ask them to leave a rev

iew for you, and leave a few links as I mentioned in number 1. This method is highly effective because they took the time to 'like' your page and they are already on their computer. You can also use contests on social media. Provide your links to review your website and consider incentivizing your customers to leave a review by sponsoring a giveaway of some sort. Perhaps an Amazon.com gift card, maybe an iPod.

Make it something good that any of your customers would want, not $25 off their next visit with you if they spend $500. This is a fine line you are walking. Do not, under any circumstance tell them to leave a positive review in exchange for a gift. It isn't ethical, and the chances of that review never seeing the light of day are quite high.

3. Postcards

This is probably the least effective method of the three, but it is worth looking into and trying. As I always say, it's important that you test each method to see what works for you. With the postcard, you'll have a good opportunity for additional branding of your company as well as the advantage of having something they can put in their hand; something tangible. And chances are it will stick around on their counter or their fridge for quite some time. So, in addition to asking a review, give them a special offer for a future service. You can incorporate the contest method that I mentioned in number 2, into the postcard method as well. Be prepared with postcards for a lower response rate especially with the younger demographic, but it is worth testing.

Importance of Reviews Concerning SEO

It is thought that all things being equal, a company with a greater quantity of reviews will rank higher in search results than a company with little to no reviews. Don't think that just because you do dentist SEO for your small business, that that is enough.

The first page of Google means nothing if people aren't calling you. Give them a compelling reason to call you. No better reason to call a company than if I see that their customers are loyal and love the service they are providing.

Because you offer a local service and if you are showing up in the map portion of the search results, then it is extremely important that you are continually working on increasing your reviews online. The goal is to make your company the overwhelming choice when it somebody finds you online. If you need any help with local listing optimizations, or setting up an extremely effective review funnel, contact me, let's see talk.

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