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How To Create A High-Converting Landing Page For Your Google Ads Campaign

Well-designed landing pages are essential tools to have in your healthcare online marketing toolbox. In particular, healthcare professionals need quality landing pages for their PPC campaigns. The pay-per-click ads you create in Google Ads need to link to an optimized landing page, or else visitors who click on your ads will not convert to become patients.

Learn how doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals can create high-converting landing pages for Google Ads PPC campaigns.

What’s In a Landing Page?

A landing page is where people who click on your Google Ad “land.” So, it is simply whichever webpage you link your ad to. It’s important to note that you don’t create a landing page in Google Ads itself — you have to do this on your own or enlist the help of a healthcare web designer to create a landing page for your ad.

Because Google doesn’t give much guidance in this area, many healthcare professionals make the mistake of linking their Google Ads ad to their website’s homepage or a random service page on their website. As we discussed in a previous blog post, this is one of the major mistakes dentists make with PPC.

To be successful as a healthcare professional using Google Ads, you need to have a custom landing page created specifically for each Google Ad or ad group — a set of ads with the same keyword and offer.

To be successful as a healthcare professional using Google Ads, you need to have a custom landing page created.

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A Laser-Focused Landing Page

The key to success with a landing page for a Google Ad (or any PPC ad, for that matter), is focus. Here’s what I mean by a focused landing page:

  • The landing page is targeted at a specific audience — the same audience your ad targets
  • The landing page contains only relevant content — no clutter
  • The landing page content matches what is promised in the PPC ad — same keyword and offer

To create a laser-focused landing page, you will first need to research which audience, keyword, and message to target for your campaign. Then, based on your research, you will incorporate the same information in both your ad and your landing page. So, for example, if your Google Ad promises $50 X-rays to parents who book first-time dental appointments for their kids, your landing page should be about how parents can get those $50 X-rays.

Landing Page Design Elements for Healthcare Professionals

Now, let’s look at the specific design elements your landing page needs to make your healthcare Google Ads PPC campaign a success.

  • A simple, mobile-optimized design
  • An eye-catching headline
  • ​A relevant image, preferably with a person
  • ​Your practice logo
  • ​A type of symbol of trust, such as a BBB logo
  • ​A compelling call to action (CTA) — same one as in your ad
  • A short, finger-friendly (large fields) contact collection form to complete CTA

A high-converting dental landing page (original image source: Design Effective Landing Pages for PPC Ads).

When you have all of these elements, you make it easy and painless for the visitor to complete the call to action and become patients.

Conversely, here are some things you don’t want to have in your Google Ads landing page:

  • Lots of small text
  • Busy design that’s takes a while to load on a mobile device
  • Multiple offers instead of one primary CTA
  • A long, small-type contact form with too many fields

When you have these no-no elements, most visitors will bounce from your page before completing the CTA.

Conclusion — Optimize Your Google Ads Landing Page for Healthcare Online Marketing

In order to create an effective landing page for an Google Ad PPC campaign, most healthcare professionals will need to enlist the help of a healthcare web design expert. This expert will include all of the landing page design elements needed to convert visitors to new patients. Don’t make the mistake of linking your ad to a subpar landing page or you won’t see any return on your PPC investment.

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