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5 Ways Doctors Can Create Better Content

Content marketing for doctors is an important way to bring attention to your healthcare brand online. As a physician, you are in a unique position where you have a high degree of authority and people are interested in what you have to say. Using content, you can spread authoritative information about the services your practice […]

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8 Steps To Success With Content Marketing for Drug Rehab Centers

More so than in other industries, drug rehab centers must focus on building a relationship with even potential leads. Whether the potential patient, or family member, found you through an internet search or a Facebook ad, from the minute they land on your virtual doorstep (your website), every piece of content must be tailored to […]

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How Doctors Can Automate Their Healthcare Marketing

If you’re a doctor, you probably already know that traditional online marketing is not enough. In addition to having a web presence, physicians also need to be proactive and strategic with strategies like social media and email marketing. No doubt you already have a lot on your plate as a busy physician. Setting up marketing […]

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Content Marketing For Dentists: 4 Steps To Creating An Amazing Strategy

I’ve talked about “content marketing” before, and how valuable it can be to your business. I’ve explained how I use content marketing for my business. Yet many people are still confused about how content marketing applies within their dental online marketing strategy. So today we’re going to give you concrete ways in which you can […]

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Getting Started With Inbound Marketing For Doctors

Inbound marketing for doctors. What is it you may be wondering? Well it is marketing that attracts new patients by earning their attention online. Rather than actively pursuing prospects, they come to you because of the valuable content you are creating. To develop a successful healthcare inbound marketing strategy and get it up and running, […]

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