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Bounce Rate: What is It? How Does it Affect Me?


Improve Your Bounce Rate and Start Keeping Your Visitors

Bounce Rate. Do you know what it is? Your bounce rate is considered the percentage of users who visit your website and then leave without navigating to any other pages on your site. For example, if your bounce rate on Google Analytics says 50%, this means that 50% of the people who visit your site are leaving after hitting the home page or another page within the website.

People who visit the site and then leave usually do so because they did not find what they were looking to find or they got the answer they needed right away and didn’t need to look further.

One of the most important things you can do to increase conversion is improve your bounce rate and retain your visitors. Once your visitors get to your page, you want them to stay there, and usually visit another page to get more information, or to contact you, or to opt-in, etc.

Is My Bounce Rate Bad?

Well that depends, if your site is designed to lead your visitors to call you, with little other goals you want tobounce_rate_dont_want_to_hear_it achieve, then having a high bounce rate probably isn’t the end of the world. However, if your goal is to get visitors to shop around on your website, then yes, having a high bounce rate is definitely hurting your business.

High bounce rates are normal for people who only need visitors to visit one page on their website and nothing else. These people do not need to consider their bounce rate unless they are not receiving phone calls, pay per clicks, or other website traffic. Want to see an average bounce rate? Check this out.

Improving Your Bounce Rate

You are probably wondering at this point what exactly you can do to improve your bounce rate. If you are interested in learning about how your bounce rate is determined and how it is broken down by industry, check it out here on KISSmetrics.

Add Links

One way to improve your bounce rate is to have links inside your website content that people want to know and learn more about. For instance, if your visitors are reading an article on how the Paleo diet works, a link linking them to another post on your website about recipe ideas and foods that are allowed/not allowed will interest them.

Sidebar Links

Sidebar links are important and will minimize your bounce rate if you place relevant links there that people will want to click on. Links linking visitors to pages such as the FAQ section, About Me section, Contact Me section, and your Blog will be of interest and grab the attention of individuals.

Extensive Information

Extensive information can be things such as a guide on benefits of the product, choosing the right product, guides on how the product works, fixing the product, etc. These pages are of great interest to people who want to learn more about a product before they make the leap and actually purchase it.

Featuring a FAQ section about the product itself is also helpful as many consumers will have basic questions they want answered before taking the dive into purchasing the product.

Stellar Content

One way to secure your visitors is to provide them with amazing content that is informational and will hold their attention. If your content is bland, basic, or does not answer any real questions, your visitors will just click off of your page and continue searching elsewhere.

One way to tell if your content may be the problem is if you have a high bounce rate coupled with a low average time that viewers view the page.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to help you keep track of your bounce rate. If you notice that your bounce rate is high and your website is not designed for people to click and leave, then you need to try and figure out what is going on and why they are leaving. Improving the quality of your content and website will greatly improve your bounce rate.
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