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5 Reasons Why Flash Websites Suck


Let’s Explore Why Flash Websites Suck


1. Slow

Have you ever went to a website, and had it say ‘loading’, and a little bar is going across it? All the while you are like, come on, just freakin load, then you ‘bounce’ and go back to Google and try again? Hey guess what? That was more than likely a flash website. Beautiful isn’t it?

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5 Reasons Why Flash Websites Suck


2. Bad Search Engine Readability

What is the absolute number 1 reason why you have a website?

To get more traffic to their site, right? To build their practice. Well, with a flash based website, they are not search engine friendly. The search engines have a hard time reading some of the underlying coding, and words on the sites, so wanna know what happens? You can’t be found. Heck, some search engines just pass right over flash based websites and don’t even search through them at all.

3. Not Mobile Compatible

Nearly half of all searches these days are on a mobile phone. What happens if you have the most popular smartphone in the world, the iPhone?

Can’t display it. You get an error message. What do you think that user will do? They will go to a different site and you lost a potential customer or potential sale because they couldn’t view your site.

Even phones that support flash, like many Android phones, run it quite slow and it isn’t a very good user experience.

4. No Back Button

On a flash based website, say you are browsing, browsing, browsing, and you find something that looks interesting, so you click on it. Oops, it actually wasn’t what you wanted, so you click back on the browser. Guess what happens? You just left the site! If your site is flash based, there is no mydomain.com/contact or mydomain.com/products. It is all mydomain.com. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

5. Makes it Harder

You are assuming that everybody that will visit your website has Adobe Flash installed on their computer. A lot of people don’t. Are you telling me that you want somebody to have to go to a third party website and install some software (they may not even know how), reboot their computer, and then you think they will come back to your site???? Crazy talk!

Bottom line, don’t use Flash if you are building a website.

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