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What The Best Google Dental Ads Have In Common

For any dentist looking​ to attract more new patients, using pay per click​ is an absolute no-brainer.In this post, we will discuss Google AdWords.Increasingly, Google AdWords is a way to reach potential patients that SEO can’t touch. These ads are targeted not just by keyword but by location. ​There’s basically no limit to the amount […]

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11 Proven Ways to Market Your Dental Practice in a Small Town

​Is your dental practice is in a small town where everybody knows each other​? ​You may think that means you don’t have to worry about marketing​.Wrong. Marketing your dental practice is always important. Even if you have little competition, you can still do things to bring in new patients and create a strong brand.Why? Here […]

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The Missing Ingredient in Local Marketing for Your Dental Practice

You might think that if your dental practice has a great-looking website, attractive brochures, and a strong social media presence, you’re doing everything you can to market it. Think again.Local marketing isn’t just about your online presence and traditional marketing materials. Local marketing also includes extra details that make your patients feel special and wanting to […]

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Are Websites for Doctors Necessary

Are Websites for Doctors Necessary?

This post was originally published Jan 28, 2013 and extensively updated November 20, 2017.There is no shortage of websites on the internet, but there are still many businesses that don’t have a website. Most business owners understand that having a website means you can be found by more customers. When you consider a professional, such […]

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The Key To A Successful Name For Your Dental Practice

This post was originally published May 31, 2016 and extensively updated November 6, 2017.Do you need to come up with a name for your dental practice? There might be more than one reason that you’d need to do it. For example, you might buying an existing dental practice and need a new identity to make […]

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10 Tips for Creating an Amazing Dental Brochure

Are your printed marketing materials representing your dental practice well – or are they falling short of perfection?The chances are good that your brochures aren’t up to snuff. You may have put a great deal of time into creating them, but it’s not uncommon for dentists to have to wear many hats when running a […]

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